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      Create Elite Teams That WIN….

Kory is the Authority and Leading Expert on the concept of WINNING!!                                                                                                                

In Kory’s Elite Team Training program your sales team will learn how to unlock their hidden potential to be highly effective and efficient. With clear and concise strategies, Kory will guide your sales team to learn the fundamental principles that can be applied instantly to enhance winning and create an un-defeatable attitude. There is not one company that was founded with the goal in mind to lose. Let Kory show your sales team how to win and deliver extraordinary results.

Kory has been creating and developing Elite Teams for nearly two decades. Whether it was his four year career as an All-American linebacker and captain at the University of Notre DameUnknown-3, or his time in the NFL with the 49ers and the Carolina Panthers, Kory has always been a leader and has been a part of some truly amazing teams. His involvement with these teams has afforded him the ability to truly impact a sales team’s success. Being coached by some of the greatest men in college and pro football such as: Lou Holtz, Steve Mariucci, George Seifert and John Fox, Kory has developed key strategies and principles to ignite any team’s performance and success. Kory not only brings his years as an elite NFL athlete but also his time as a restaurateur where he grew his franchise business from 1 to 5 stores with over 120 employees and 4 million in sales within 2.5 years. This one of a kind program is truly a must for any sales team looking to have an edge each and everyday.

5 Keys To Creating Un-defeatable Teams That Win:

Everyone On The Team Matters

The Outcome:

  • The importance of self evaluation and how that can foster inner growth
  • Key techniques to develop a championship mindset
  • How to compete at a high-level that creates massive success and momentum
  • The importance of developing a winning attitude
  • Methods to maximize your teams potential and performance
  • Strategies to become an effective leader and dominate your territory
  • Establishing a nurturing environment that feeds off successful and collaborative competition
  • Learn best practices from successful NFL teams such as the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers


Training Fee Range: $12,500-$15,000

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  • Kory is the Authority and leading Expert on the concept of creating “WINNING TEAMS”… Kory’s systematic approach to creating “WINNING TEAMS” helps to guide an organization to foster Infinite Leadership and Undefeatable Teams.
  • The Playbook

    Kory’s new book, “The Playbook That Produces Elite Sales Teams That Dominate & WIN” will be available soon. If you are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, Broker or anyone directly in charge of a sales team then this book is a must have. If your are a Sales Representative, no matter the industry and you want to absolutely CRUSH It then this book is a must.


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