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“WINNING” Culture

There have been so many pivotal points in my life where I can reflect and gather evidence as to why this mission has chosen me. I can’t say I know when it all actually started. My earliest memory of it was when I was about 6 years old and glued to the T.V. every Saturday morning watching Notre Dame Football. Perhaps it dates back to when my grandfather would throw the football to me in the front yard for hours at a time, high in the sky and at every catch I felt victorious. Or maybe it was when I received that first college recruiting letter and I felt that my focus and hard work was being realized. I can’t say exactly when I began believing in myself, but overtime I had THE feeling that I can do it.

This feeling of BELIEVING in yourself is only the first step to reaching your fullest potential. Next comes the hard part; that is my mission and my GAME PLAN; to help people and organizations reach their fullest potential by “WINNING” every day.

I correlate this to my days of playing football. In football, every locker room talks about the GAME PLAN, the daily, weekly and most notably the Game Day PLAN. From a football player’s perspective the GAME PLAN, or mission, is very simple, WIN EVERY DOWN, eliminate mistakes, control field position, win the turnover battle and score points. If players can execute on all these fundamentals then victory is achievable and predictable.

Today, I take that same GAME PLAN approach and apply it to my mission: to assist individuals and organizations to Get Off The Side Line And Get Into The Game. Get Off The Side Line And Get Into The Game is my GAME PLAN to develop an approach to “WINNING” every day. There must be high value placed upon maximizing energy and focus on the daily quest to be superior and to win. Any individual or organization can WIN when things are going right, because that’s the easy part. But when things are bumpy and challenges are thrown at you, how does your preparation and attitude of “WINNING” every day come into play? It is important to foster Winning on a daily basis so that it becomes a natural part of your DNA and culture.

In the game of football, coaches grade players on every play. The player knows if they got better or worse on each play, there is no in-between. The player knows fully how they performed and if they executed on the fundamentals and techniques they were taught to win. Do you grade yourself on a daily basis? Can you say if you got better or got worse at the end of each day?

Players stay on track by being held accountable to their peers. The daily commitment to winning and teamwork is what makes victory attainable. Do you hold yourself accountable to your team? Do you analyze your actions daily so that you can learn from your progression or regression so that the next day is a win?

Unlocking the keys to “WINNING” will allow for similar results and successes for any individual or organization. WINNING is truly for those individuals and organizations that want to BE GREAT!!

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