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What a few people are saying about Kory Minor



He is one of the most engaging personalities you will ever meet. He loves people and they immediately love him. He cares about people and it shows. He has always been very goal oriented in every phase of his life.

-Lou Holtz (Hall of Fame Coach and ESPN College Football Analyst)

I would like to say that Mr. Kory Minor, who is a very successful businessman; & former college & NFL standout. Kory is a person who has “passion” for the people, loves giving back to the masses; believes knowledge is the key to solving a lot of the problems we face today. Being a football fan, I knew who he was when I first met him; an amazing meeting for me if I must say.. Knowing him now like I do, he is so much more then you see on the surface; and I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way..I’m honored that a young man of his unique character, calls me a friend daily; a status that I will truly cherish for life.. Continue success Kory, your future is so bright; live your promise sir…

  Coach Tony Branch
               Founder & President 
The Merrillville Youth Basketball Club / mentoring program (Lady Cyclones)

(As seen on ABC’s first season Reality TV Show “Secret Millionaire”)


Keynote & Sales Training Attendees

Kory Minor was the inspiration leader at  our company sales meeting. He has a lot of passion for inspiring leadership and team building. The message was winning and how do you achieve it?  As a sales person you are in your territory to “win” the sale but to get that opportunity you have to have the tools. The most important piece I took away from the meeting was to have a reading list of motivation books or audio speakers to listen to if your in your car, which I have started to do! Stay in the winning mindset. Keep positive and focused on what you want to achieve. Thank you Kory for reminding us to stay positive, keeping focused and to continually feed your “state of mind “with winning daily!

-Lila W.

I recently attended a Kory Minor Industries Sales training seminar in Sacramento, CA. I was really impressed by Kory’s drive and determination to get the message across about “WHY”. Why do we do what we do each day. Kory teaches a winning attitude that brings passion everyday and a positive outlook. Your system works and the delivery of the presentation is fascinating. Kory you are truly a positive force with team building at the core. Anyone would want you on their team.

-James B.

Kory is a tremendous inspiration and he certainly supercharged our meeting and made it into a fun, involving and motivational time together. One of the things that Kory reminded me of is, how very important some of the seemingly small yet personal things are that we share with others. Kory truly does share from the heart! I find that Kory is especially inspirational when he speaks from his personal experiences both in sports and business. I look forward to seeing the heights Kory will reach in his speaking career as he has in his other endeavors.

-Jeff O.

Kory’s presentation was well organized and tailored to the specific company at which he was presenting.  I found the material inspirational on a professional and personal level.  I would welcome the opportunity to attend future presentations.

-Flavia S.

Kory is someone who is inspired by life and he just so happened to play football and play at a high level for some of the best coaches in the world.  He represents what the everyday person can become; and expresses a great deal of gratitude towards the mentors and influences in his life.  He understands the struggle and the reward and all the hard work that lies in between.  His passion is undeniable and you can FEEL it in the way he talks, that’s what kept my attention and got my mind moving in a more positive way.  Not everyone is born with the skills he possesses and after a pro career he still uses those same skills in the way he communicates with people.  Kory will be successful in any of his endeavors and will be a huge success in motivating our work force, youth and whoever else he chooses to give his life skills to.  It was more than a pleasure to have Kory speak to our group and I look forward to seeing him in the future.

-Alex G.

Thank you Kory for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to our group. Telling a story is always so much more relatable than getting a lecture and your story and success is an inspiration to all.  If we can all take at least one thing from you and apply it to our everyday living, we will all be a bit more successful in our jobs and personal lives. I admire your approach to motivating your employees, finding out what motivates them. You hit on a very key point, making everyone feel important. By the way, your enthusiasm lights up a room and there is no doubt you are living your life to the fullest.

-Susan S.

I am very appreciative for being able to be a part of that presentation. I took a lot away from that meeting. Kory is very relatable and down to earth. He does an excellent job of keeping everyone’s attention and making me want to listen (and being easy on the eyes helps too). But seriously, after it was done I felt very positive and motivated to get out there and do something I love. His stories are so powerful and they really make you feel better about being who you are and owning your mistakes to get the power to move forward without feeling like a loser but like a human. I love that he takes a human approach to things and doesn’t lecture but relates to his own life story. He has addictive passion for living a better life. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to welcome him back. I think he will soar to the top real quick on his motivational journey. Thank you for the opportunity.

-Julie G.

To be selfless as you are is so rare. The want to give, bring out the best in people and want them to succeed is amazing! So many want to step on others to get ahead.

-Steve C.

Customer Service Workshop Attendees

Kory did a great job.

-Edgar P.

Kory did a great job explaining the role we play in customer service

Jesus Z.

Very grateful to have such an experienced speaker.

Irene R.

I was so impressed by Kory’s high energy and his motivation.

Antoinette V.

Kory did an awesome job.

Evelynne C.

Coaching Clients

Kory Minor’s energy allows for even the liveliest person to become more aware and present to the glory of any given moment. Kory’s enthusiasm combined with his heart of service make his teachings infectious. If you desire to feel enlivened and supported as you achieve your most desired goals, then follow Kory’s coaching.

-Cassandra P.

Working with Kory helped me to set better long-term goals, but to also focus on my daily goals so that I was “winning” my day. Kory also helped me focus on my strengths and passions so that I could use those tools in settings where my comfort level was not as strong.  More importantly Kory reminded me that I had the tools to succeed, but I needed to overcome my fear and take action to use them.

-Amy Y.

I was discussing Kory with a friend the other day and this is what I told her about him: “Always positive. Always helpful. Always compassionate. SUPER funny!  He makes me a better version of me every time I talk to him and I am so grateful!”  His tools of the trade will get you focused and on point while his thought provoking and soul searching questions will allow you to dial down to the heart of your specific road blocks to success.  Breaking down those barriers becomes easier and easier each day when you follow his strategy.

-Marcia R.

I made some career choices last year that I was not sure was the right decision for me or my family. I began reading the posts that Kory was putting online and they changed my life. Kory is now my Take Action Coach and he keeps me focused on my goals and holds me accountable for my actions. Thank you Kory for everything. You have helped me to achieve so many things in the last year that I never thought possible.

-Pam B.

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