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What is Team CRUSH IT you ask, we are a crusade of individuals, a Major movement of entrepreneurs if you will, who are filled with drive and dedication to create change across the globe. Our purpose is to help and guide those looking for a new way to experience fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives. The entrepreneurs that make up Team CRUSH IT are hardworking, driven by the sheer will to succeed & destined to leave a legacy on this Earth…So when you see the symbol know that the person wearing it thinks & acts differently…People from #TCI understand that Greatness does not happen following the status quo. If this description sounds like you well then we welcome you with open arms…Lets CRUSH IT

The Opportunity


A great day enjoying the Cayman Islands

The Dream Life

How would you like to own your very own Yacht and travel to any location throughout the world? Ok, maybe a yacht is not on your vision board but something is and only you know what. The question that you have to ask yourself is how will you achieve it?

What if you woke up one morning, and out of the blue you decided that you wanted to take a trip, a Caribbean Island or even Bora Bora? More than likely, you would have to request vacation days in advance to make your trip possible. Additionally, there would be at least two scenarios that would have to line up accordingly to ensure you could go on your vacation such as: no one else in your department is on vacation and all deadlines are met before you leave.

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The Truth

In my opinion, that seems like an awful lot of work just to take a vacation that you deserve. Let me ask you a question, what if you did not have to have a vacation pre-approved, you could just buy a ticket, grab a Uber, head to the airport and off you go. How would that feel? I know that seems a bit unrealistic but for many people in our industry that is their quality of life. To tell you the truth, that could be your life as well. I must warn you, it takes a tremendous amount of work, effort and sacrifice to enjoy a freedom lifestyle. In truth, what other choice do you have, oh, well I guess you could work until age 65 or 70 but who really wants to do that? The question to ask yourself is, are you willing to take the necessary steps to make personal and financial freedom a priority in your life? I sure hope so.

The New Reality

How would you like to partner up with the founder of Team CRUST IT, a former NFL athlete who is driven, high-performing and passionate about helping you succeed? How would it feel to own your own business, work part-time or full-time from home and start your path to achieve true freedom and a significant 6 or 7 figure income if you so desire. In time, you may have the luxury of firing your boss and spending countless hours doing as you please. You will never have to miss any of your kids activities again. I know the feeling of missing recitals and soccer games and I vowed to change that. Let me help you! How would it feel to no longer sacrifice time for money?  The time is now for you to finally earn what you are truly worth. My guess, it’s a lot more than $25, $50 or even $100 an hour. In a nutshell, you control your destiny, not your manager or your boss.

My sole purpose or intent is to introduce people like you to a new way of living that will bring more freedom, fulfillment, and fun. If you are interested in designing the life of your dreams, as well as, empowering many others to do the same, then I would love to partner with you.

If time and money were no issue at this very moment, where would you be this instance?

My guess is not at your 9 to 5

***Grab my new Ebook…Is Your 9 To 5 Job Enough

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