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Kory Minor’s Group Coaching

For All Sales Professionals…

Train with Kory Minor….World’s #1 Elite Sales Team Trainer
Kory’s High-Performance Sales Group Coaching program is a (1 year) comprehensive program designed to guide you, step by step, to the point where you can unleash not only your true sales potential but also your greatness to the world and to your customers.
Besides being an Elite Sales Trainer Imagine being coached by a world-class athlete, incorporating time tested tools and strategies. Kory will increase your sales performance by his one-of-a-kind sports-driven coaching techniques that are found nowhere else. Your sales process will be transformed. Kory will teach you how to CRUSH IT!!!

 Sample overview:

  • Creative ways to increase the passion, joy and happiness of your work
  • Times tested tools for increased Mental toughness and Championship mindset
  • How to establish your daily game plan for massive action, clarity & progress
  • A Process where referrals become automatic
  • Strategies for operating at high levels of productivity to outperform your competition
  • How to skyrocket your sales and commissions
  • Uncover your challenges that sabotage your sales process
  • And so much more………

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Pam Bauer, Executive Assistant


Phone: (615) 305-7785

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  • Kory is the Authority and leading Expert on the concept of creating “WINNING TEAMS”… Kory’s systematic approach to creating “WINNING TEAMS” helps to guide an organization to foster Infinite Leadership and Undefeatable Teams.
  • The Playbook

    Kory’s new book, “The Playbook That Produces Elite Sales Teams That Dominate & WIN” will be available soon. If you are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, Broker or anyone directly in charge of a sales team then this book is a must have. If your are a Sales Representative, no matter the industry and you want to absolutely CRUSH It then this book is a must.


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