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Kory’s HP Team Sales Training

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“Kory absolutely CRUSHED IT, Kory was Absolutely Amazing & everyone Loved it”

-Ryan Wines, Partner & General Sales Manager, Glendora Chevrolet



No sales team should be Average…Let Kory help your Sales team CRUSH IT!!


Kory Minor’s High-Performance Sales Team Training Program, is like no other, it is a system founded by Kory, based on his nearly 20 years of researching, studying and being apart of some truly exceptional teams. No matter the industry, automotive, real estate, mortgage or title to name a few, Kory’s MAP system will allow your sales team to unlock their hidden potential. Kory’s MAP system stands for Mindset, Attitude & Performance. Kory describes these three principles as the core nucleus, cornerstone if you will, for a sales teams success or demise.

There is not one company that was founded with the goal in mind to lose. Let Kory show your sales team how to maximize their success and deliver extraordinary results.


Kory’s Elite Sales Team Training is High-Energy, Dynamic & Transformational

MAP: Mindset-Attitude-Performance


The Outcome For Your Sales Team:

  • They will learn how to uncover techniques to develop a winning mindset 
  • They will learn high-performance strategies to close more customers and double their sales
  • They will learn competitive skills to be in the top 1-2% of sales reps at their company 
  • They will learn best practices from my time with the 49ers and the Panthers that will allow them to perform at high levels
  • They will learn to establish an attitude that focuses on winning

“This unrivaled training will completely transform your entire sales team as well as help them perform and execute at a superior level”


Kory is the #1 Trainer on producing High-Performance Sales Teams



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  • Kory is the Authority and leading Expert on the concept of creating “WINNING TEAMS”… Kory’s systematic approach to creating “WINNING TEAMS” helps to guide an organization to foster Infinite Leadership and Undefeatable Teams.
  • The Playbook

    Kory’s new book, “The Playbook That Produces Elite Sales Teams That Dominate & WIN” will be available soon. If you are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, Broker or anyone directly in charge of a sales team then this book is a must have. If your are a Sales Representative, no matter the industry and you want to absolutely CRUSH It then this book is a must.


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