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 Like you, Kory is very familiar with the fear of failure – it’s his worst fear and a strongest motivator.


Kory All-American at The University of Notre Dame

Regardless of fear, Kory has achieved everything he has put his mind to thus far, including attending the university of his dreams, playing pro football and becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Kory was born on December 14, 1976 in Inglewood, California and grew up in a single parent household. He was raised by his mother Kim.

Kory is widely regarded as the leader in his space when it comes to “Getting Off The Side Line And Getting Into the Game”. Through the use of personal stories, tools and strategies Kory has the ability to take individuals from stagnant to 100 mph in a short time. Kory’s ability to transform individuals for the better has been contributed to his ability to cast a big vision. Along with vision, developing a strategic plan that coincides exactly with someones desires and destined outcome.

Kory has spent majority of his time working with entrepreneurs and sales professionals, helping them to unleash their true potential and performance.


                                                           Heres The Exciting News


Kory is turning his attention from his normal client base and is now working specifically with our youth. Kory has spoken to the youth on many different platforms. He has also mentored 1000’s through his books, speeches and even social media.



Kory Speaking at the Boys & Girls Club


It’s Time Do More


Introducing”Get Into The Game” Coaching Program. GITG Coaching Program is an (8) month coaching program that is like no other, your child will be offered a rare opportunity to work with Kory in a group coaching setting that will only enhance their success and performance. GITG Coaching will cater to the  age group of 13-17, boys and girls. GITG Coaching will cover many unique and important topics for your child’s development and growth. The majority of the curriculum will cover 4 key principles; Leadership, Mindset, Attitude & Productivity. GITG Coaching Program is a comprehensive, hands on, coaching experience for your son or daughter.

Kory will deliver the information in GITG Coaching in such away that your child will be able to put it into practice immediately. In GITG, Kory is literally taking the best of the best tools from his days as an elite athlete, an entrepreneur and providing your kids with a true blueprint for WINNING in life. Understand what GTIG Coaching Program is, all of Kory’s knowledge rolled into one, his former coaches, his former teammates, their philosophies and his current business associates and mentors, all wrapped up into a coaching program that is designed to have your son or daughter exceed at the highest level.


                                                                    How awesome is that!


Kory infront of his Domino’s Pizza location


If you are a parent that truly desires more for your kid then GITG Coaching is just what you need…If you believe this program could benefit your kid substantially I advise that you sign up below. This type of program has never been done before…Spots will go fast, not to mention this introductory price will not last long…Head to the bottom of the page and sign up…You will be glad you did and so will your child.



Kory Playing for the Carolina Panthers



   Program Highlights


“Get Into To Game” Coaching Program:

  • (8) month comprehensive program
  • Two (2) monthly group coaching calls (35 min ea)
  • Monthly action guide
  • Exclusive access to GITG Facebook Page (Q&A Response)
  • Monthly GITG newsletter


  • 8×10 Autograph Pic
  • Copy of Leadership Book
  • GTIG Wristband


“Get Into The Game” Curriculum: Uncover The Secrets To Achieve & Master Your Success:

  • 4 Phases of Curriculum: Leadership, Mindset, Attitude & Productivity
  • Identifying negative habits
  • How to look within for happiness 
  • Ability to handle adversity
  • Goal setting 
  • Strategies to balance home, school & friends
  • Time management
  • Winning Characteristics: drive, effort & confidence
  • And much more 



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  • Kory is the Authority and leading Expert on the concept of creating “WINNING TEAMS”… Kory’s systematic approach to creating “WINNING TEAMS” helps to guide an organization to foster Infinite Leadership and Undefeatable Teams.
  • The Playbook

    Kory’s new book, “The Playbook That Produces Elite Sales Teams That Dominate & WIN” will be available soon. If you are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, Broker or anyone directly in charge of a sales team then this book is a must have. If your are a Sales Representative, no matter the industry and you want to absolutely CRUSH It then this book is a must.


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