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Game Changer VIP Experience


Are you a sports enthusiast? No matter.

Ever wonder how high performance athletes compete? How they handle adversity, and what they do to dig deep within themselves to win the game? Do you want to know how to apply their principles to your own life or business to WIN?

Let Kory show you how to think, and perform like an Elite athlete in life, and business. Athletes have a small margin for era. The slightest mistake made by an athlete could lead to defeat. How would you like for Kory to unlock the keys for you to be able to perform at an optimal level no matter the circumstances, or pressures?

Kory has created the Game Changer VIP Experience, Kory has taken resources, and fundamental principles from his time as an All-American Linebacker at the University of Notre Dame, in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, and the Carolina Panthers and packaged them into a comprehensive hands on training/coaching experience. Kory has combined all the necessary tools, and techniques that are required to perform at a high-level into this VIP Experience that will be mind-blowing. This experience is right for anyone who wants to push their personal development, and personal success to its core.

Just imagine watching some of the greatest athletes of our decade doing battle back and forth. Watching these superior talents go through the many phases of intrapersonal challenges can be an excellent learning experience for anyone who is looking to achieve greatness. The exact intrapersonal challenges these elite athletes face in front of thousands and even millions of people are the same issues, and concerns you have to face in your life and/or business daily.


My question is, “How will you conquer and succeed?”


With the Game Changer VIP Experience you will dive into a 1-on-1, fast-paced, accelerated coaching/mastermind session with Kory. Kory’s strategies for your success and winning are the same key ingredients found in a superstar’s success. If an athlete does not conquer the 6-8 key principles Kory feels are necessary to win and be superior, then all could be lost. Kory’s experience will guide you through such principles as: mental toughness, championship mindset, adversity, momentum, and focus, to name a few. These are key sports principles that need to be mastered to play the game and win, whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or part of a sales force.


Learn how to translate these principles to your own life or business to be a success.


The Program includes:

*VIP Ticket to a Sporting Event

*Breakfast & Dinner with Kory

*Mastermind Session

*Two 30 minute 1-on-1 Breakthrough Coaching Calls (30 Days Apart)

**You will have access to Kory for 36-48 hours (1-on-1)


Join the Game Changer VIP Experience, and you can expect:


*Strategies for how to develop a Championship Mindset

*The art of Mental Toughness

*Starting your Day Fast

*Increasing your Earning Power

*Self-Drive & Discipline

*Three part approach on how to overcome Adversity

*How to keep and establish razor-like Focus

*How to Domination & WIN

*The importance of Momentum

*Why Attention to Detail is Critical

*Breakthrough Strategies for Growth

And so much more…


Don’t just participate in the game of life, become a Game Changer!


Investment: $6,997.00

***Acceptance by Phone Application only





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