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Customer Service Zone

Kory Minor presents…

Winning Customer Service



Tackling Your Small Business Issue: Customer Service…Helping small business create a successful Game Plan to WIN the battle, and succeed in displaying exceptional Customer Service.


The Customer Service Guide (PDF)


The Playbook:

In the world of small business customer service is everything. How your organization interacts, and treats new, and existing customers can be the life, or death of your business. At KMI, we have a created a small business training for service business professionals. If you are a Doctor, Optometrist, Chiropractor, or Dentist, and have your own practice then the customer service training is just for you. Your entire organization will learn, and understand fundamental principles on how to give superior service, and the importance of creating a WOW experience for the customer.


The Players:

Small Business Service Specialist: Doctors, Optometrist, Chiropractors & Dentist…..With yearly revenues above 500K and a minimum of 4 employees


The Game Plan:

Game Plan A:                                                                                  

*KMI (Business Newsletter) The Customer Service Zone                       

*1 Hour Training Camp on Customer Service

*Training manual “The Customer Service Playbook”

*Evaluation Assessments

*(3) Follow-up 20-minute Pre-Scheduled Coaching Calls

*Autograph & picture session

*KMI Customer Service Zone Certificate of Completion

*Free copies of my book to Inspire & Motivate for Success

Investment: $1997


Game Plan B:

*KMI (Business Newsletter) The Customer Service Zone

*1 Hour Training Camp on Customer Service

*Training manual “The Customer Service Playbook”

*Evaluation assessment

*KMI Customer Service Zone Certificate of Completion

*Autograph & Picture session

Investment: $997


Testimonial: Kory is a man with enthusiasm and passion for what he does. He WOWed us with a fantastic presentation about customer service. Kory was very well prepared for the business seminar with handouts, video demonstrations and role playing activities for the staff. The attendees were all engaged throughout the entire seminar. Kory’s enthusiasm got my office staff motivated and inspired to be better at work and focus on the customer. He hit on some very important notes regarding customer service that I feel will be invaluable for my practice going forward. It was an honor to have Kory speak at our practice and we look forward to have him again in the future!

Dr. Alex Corbin Liu, O.D.

=====> All pricing is based on Southern California Travel. Any travel outside of Southern California for the Customer Service Zone Workshop please email: or call (888) 586-1106.


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