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College Football Athletes


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“He is one of the most engaging personalities you will ever meet. He loves people and they immediately love him. He cares about people and it shows. He has always been very goal oriented in every phase of his life. Kory was an excellent player for me”.

-Lou Holtz

(University of Notre Dame Hall of Fame Coach and ESPN College Football Analyst)


The Message

To shape the lives of college football athletes by creating a foundation full of motivation and inspiration coupled with tactics, strategies and principles to help you WIN big in college and in the game called life.

As a Student-athlete you are faced with many challenges and frustrations that directly impact your success or failure. Every student-athlete should be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of Teamwork, Perseverance, Leadership and the Belief from within just to name a few.


College & University Football Programs

Attention: Athletic Directors, Head Football Coaches & Director of Operations


The Program:

“The Game Plan”: Keys To Success On and Off the Field (75-90 mins)

Tackling the issues of College Football Athletes “ONE” player at a time “ONE” play at a time with proven strategies for success.

The LEARNING Outcomes:

  • How to represent the University with integrity and character (On & Off the field problems)
  • What will you do next? (Everyone does not go pro)
  • Graduating
  • Build lasting and healthy relationships
  • Time management strategies to be more productive
  • Critical thinking
  • Dealing with the demands (Academics, Sports, & Personal Pressures)
  • Handling the daily stress of college
  • Creating a positive attitude within our football student-athletes
  • Importance of finding mentors for maximum success.
  • Dealing with social media

Real World Solutions from an insider’s perspective in College and the NFL 

The 3 Biggest Challenges:

1. Graduating: (Major priority)

2. What’s Next: (Everyone does not go pro)

3. Integrity & Character: (Dealing with on & off the field problems)


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