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Make A Touchdown Of Your Life (Book)

Make a Touchdown of Your Life: 24 Keys To Crossing The Goal Line Of Success

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“I know very few people in this world more qualified to write a self-help book than Kory. Kory is special, an excellent player for me, an outstanding student, and a positive leader with a genuine concern for others”.

Lou Holtz- Hall of Fame Coach, Former University of Notre Dame Head Football Coach and current ESPN College Football Analyst

Kory Minor's book: Make a Touchdown of Your Life

If you desire something greater or are tired of being unhappy and unfulfilled, you need to read this book.

The information here will alert you to some of the most common mistakes people, like you, make in their pursuit of success.

You are probably unknowingly making a few of these “success blunders” right now. Any one of these mistakes will cost you opportunities, joy, and financial freedom.

But, by discovering these often-overlooked mistakes and strategies, you will avoid these dangers and essentially guarantee yourself more happiness, success, and fulfillment – now and in your future.

It’s a fact that degrees and diplomas won’t bring you the freedom, money, or success that’s rightfully yours.

Only the right knowledge and actions will. These are the only two things standing between you and your desires.

If you’re ready to unleash your inner GREATNESS and are tired of being told that you can’t, this book is for you!


You’ll discover things like:

    • The Power of Sleepless Nights: Learn why the very things that keep you up at night might be your ticket to success.
    • The True Calling of Your Soul: Amazing results come to you when you’re in alignment with this success principle. Do you know why?
    • Your Driving Force: Find out how to create and harness the power that will make your success journey worth it for you, especially when things get hard.
    •  The “All In” Mindset: How to adopt the mindset of professional athletes that gets them in the Game and Off the Side Lines.
    • Newton’s Third Law of Motion: One of the most important keys to your success lies here. Only when you apply it to your life will you get real results.
    •  Unleashing Your Greatness: Discover why you can’t afford not to unleash your full potential and also how doing so will rid you of a great deal of emotional pain.
    •  Your Golden Vision: Every Olympic and Professional athlete uses a “golden vision.” Do you?
    •  And MUCH More

Make A Touchdown Of Your Life

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