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Speaking: Youth Groups and Schools

Kory Minor: A member of the Los Angeles
Boys and Girls Club in his Youth

The MissionKory Minor - a Member of Los Angeles Boys and Girls Clubs in his youth.


To develop a strong Mindset and Abundant mentality in our youth so they can have a head start in life to Achieve Greatness and never FEAR the unknown.

Our youth have become easily influenced by today’s culture and at times lack the knowledge and understanding that to be successful in life takes a great deal of handwork, fortitude, persistence, inspiration and motivation to say the least. The 6 years Old’s Dream will paint the picture that anything in life is possible if you are willing to pay the Ultimate price to Achieve it.


“Kory is not only one of my patients, but also a close personal friend of mine since junior high school. I have invited him to speak to the youth in the community and he demonstrated that is a natural born leader and motivator. Kory is extremely outgoing, intelligent and has an infectious personality that many people are drawn to. Kory is a fantastic example for a child hoping to succeed in athletics, yet he is equally inspiring to aspiring business owners”.

Dr. Alex Corbin Liu, O.D.


“Kory Minor is the most charismatic speaker that we have ever heard!  Kory has spoken at a couple of our team banquets.  Not only was he engaging with our young players, he was effective in a positive way to each one of these young men’s lives.  He was able to relate to their youthfulness and get them excited for what their future holds.  From the get go, Kory grabbed our attention and kept us on the edge of our seats with anticipation and excitement.  Obviously no matter what the age group Kory is speaking to, he is able to relate to any age with ease.   It was amazing to watch these young men and their faces as Kory was speaking on subjects that he experienced at their exact same age and how similar it is to their own situations.  Kory Minor’s successful life story, both on and off the football field, is one that everyone should hear”.

Chris and Lori Brazil

Claremont JAA Football




Speaking Program

A 6-Year-Old’s Dream (My personal story of Success and Setbacks From Pre-school to High-school to Notre Dame to the NFL to Domino’s Pizza and Now)    (KEYNOTE or WORKSHOP)

The Outcome

  • Why not having a Vision will lead you off your path to a Successful life
  • How to defeat negativity by applying certain tools to create a plentiful Mindset
  • How a mentor can foster belief in you that you could be lacking and the importance
  • Learn The 4 keys to Winning at Life everyday
  • How to establish belief in yourself and the reason why having a strong belief is your lifeline
  • Why taking Concrete Steps toward your Goals every day can build momentum and excitement
  • How tro Overcome any obstacle in your way by steeping out the box
  • You were put on this earth because you are special and how to keep this belief with you always
  • To understand how special you are which will entail you to chart a path of the less traveled and reach your awaited Greatness

And so much more…..

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