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The franchise business model can be a very lucrative model if you buy right on the front end. First things first: having the right mindset and mental fortitude will be key in determining how successful you will become. While you will be running your business independently, there are certain rules and regulations that you must adhere to. Corporations spend countless money and man hours formulating what they believe is the best strategy for their franchisees to be prosperous. On the other hand, following a developed and proven system can cut an owner’s learning curve tremendously as compared to a mom-and-pop startup venture. When it is all said and done, being a franchisee can be a very rewarding, fun and profitable experience. The trick is to pick the right franchise that suits you, and do your A-Z due diligence.


The Speaking Program:

The Franchise Blueprint: Good or Bad — Keynote or Workshop


  • The importance of finding the right franchise that you are passionate about
  • The Mental toughness aspect and its importance
  • Networking with current franchisees to ask the right questions
  • How to Buy Right on the front-end to be profitable on the back-end
  • Determining your WHY and your Purpose and its intensity
  • How to Market yourself to the Brand and the community you serve
  • Why developing a strong back office will be your guide for Success and Growth
  • How to Determine if franchising is truly for you or if an independent operator is more your suit
  • Why creating Systems will be your biggest plan for Autonomy
  • Learn the 3 reasons why you go into business for yourself and how to hold true to them

And so much more…


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