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“WINNING” Culture

There have been so many pivotal points in my life; bits of evidence as to why this mission chose me. I can’t say when it all started. My earliest memory of it was when I was 6 years old and glued to the T.V. every Saturday morning watching Notre Dame Football. Perhaps it started when my grandfather would throw the football to me in the front yard for hours at a time; high in the sky, and with every catch I felt victorious. Or maybe it was when I received that first college recruiting letter and I felt my focus and hard work were being realized. I can’t say exactly when I began believing in myself, but over time I had the feeling that I CAN DO IT.   Learn more…

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High-Performance Promotional Video

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Are You Stopping Your Success

Finding your success can be a challenge. What makes it more difficult are the things you do which impede your ability to move forward. We all have choices and are in charge of our future. To succeed you need to maintain a positive attitude and stay away from the negativity that can bring you down. […]   Read more…

Business Development & Strategy Session

In our world of give me, give me, give me, people have grown accustomed to hand outs and entitlement. In some cases, I am totally for this, but in the eyes of a business owner, executive, or manager you have to be really be careful to walk a thin line. For example, let’s say your […]   Read more…

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