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Creating A “WINNING” Culture (From the Top Down):

Leadership & Teamwork Strategies From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

Creating a high performing atmosphere where Kory shows organizations how they can WIN by “Getting Into The Game”. Kory’s keynote “Creating a “WINNING” culture is filled with real-world techniques, and strategies on how to be Excellent, and WIN the battle of inner-success. Kory’s presentation would be similar to your organization sitting inside a stadium locker room, ready to take the field. Kory delivers a motivational and inspirational message based on life events as well as his success an Entrepreneur and former NFL athlete. This program is impactful and life changing.

Experience this one of a kind presentation from a High Performing Athlete and business strategist. Winning the excellence and inner success game, directly from the field to your organization. Full of High-Energy!

The Outcome:

  • Importance of successful leadership qualities
  • How to light the burning desire from within
  • How to create positive, winning and lasting relationships amongst co-workers and management
  • How to discover and connect to your purpose and passion
  • Why accepting failure and giving into excuses is damaging
  • 4 keys to success thats easy to implement and follow
  • The importance of vision and action coupled together
  • The value of being excellent

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Other Keynote Topics:

*The Blueprint Of A Winning Organization

*WINNING Leadership


Kory’s speech at our INROADS ceremony was excellent and was loved by everyone especially our corporate sponsors. We would definitely love to have Kory speak at our other events. His energy and passion shined through”.
Roxanne Banks, INROADS Regional Director
Kory is a powerful and dynamic speaker. He does an amazing job at telling stories about his life experiences, both on and off the playing field, and tying them into his message. His delivery is fantastic and he keeps a crowd locked in from start to finish. His message will hit home for any person, from a young kid who is trying to aspire to be “a Kory” on the playing field to a CEO who is looking to be a better leader. For that reason I would put him in front of any group who wants to be inspired.
 Jane Harris, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Kory’s presentation to our management and sales team was outstanding. He was impactful and motivating. He shared real world stories and strategies that everyone could relate to. Kory did a fantastic job and we would love to bring him back to speak again.
Joe Morin, Sales Manager, EL & EL Wood Product

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  • Kory is the Authority and leading Expert on the concept of creating “WINNING TEAMS”… Kory’s systematic approach to creating “WINNING TEAMS” helps to guide an organization to foster Infinite Leadership and Undefeatable Teams.
  • The Playbook

    Kory’s new book, “The Playbook That Produces Elite Sales Teams That Dominate & WIN” will be available soon. If you are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, Broker or anyone directly in charge of a sales team then this book is a must have. If your are a Sales Representative, no matter the industry and you want to absolutely CRUSH It then this book is a must.


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